Our Services

The Design-Build Advantage

A streamlined approach resulting in better team collaboration,
​an improved project process, and more value for your investment.

KAI believes the Design-Build Advantage is the best approach for our clients, but also understand there are other factors that may not make this solution possible. We offer the following services which can be procured separately or together.

Full-Service Design & Build

Architectural Design

MEP/FP Engineering

KAI offers both award-winning design services (architecture, interior design and engineering) and build services (program, project and construction management) all under one roof. We understand and appreciate both the design and construction process - bringing you better team collaboration, an improved project process, and ultimately more value for your capitol improvement investments.
KAI is founded on a holistic approach to design. Rather than a single lead person providing all the design direction for the project, KAI believes a collaboration by all design and construction personnel provides our clients with the most efficient and effective designs. Our inclusive process results in award-winning, innovat-ive designs that truly work for the occupants.
Our in-house Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing/Fire Protection Engineers have decades of experience in project leadership, design execution and advanced engineering concepts on a wide variety of building types. The MEP team’s core focus is value: providing innovative designs that are energy efficient, highly functional, easily maintain-able and within budget. 

Interior Design

Construction Management

At-Risk General Contractor

Our professional interior designers lead the way with the latest in design trends and function. Our designers work alongside our construction professionals to achieve the highest value for clients by blending the best design concepts with the responsible use of materials and the most efficient means and methods. The level of service we provide clients is unmatched in the industry.

We offer design-led construction manage-ment, which involves the identification of cost and time savings in a project in the initial design phases, and verifying implementation throughout the project. “Pure” construction management does not get involved in a project until the design is essentially fixed, and therefore little construction knowledge is implemented.

KAI can serve as your prime contractor, managing, scheduling, and coordinating the work of all subcontractors. We have a large pool of trusted subcontractors with whom we regularly work that can serve as a cohesive team for your project. With expect-ations and operating procedures already established, our teams can seamlessly and quickly begin upon notice to proceed.